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VBA source code for modeling normal distributions in Excel Monte Carlo simulations


The VBA source code for the SAT2 example is provided below.

Note that VBA does not have a native equivalent of the worksheet function NormInv(), so we are required to use the


construct.  The same applies in this example to the min() and max() functions.

Line 12 generates the raw SAT score in a way similar to the worksheet function used in the previous example.  The exception here is that we do not first round it to the nearest 10 before rounding again to the nearest 100 for purposes of building our histogram - that step would be redundant.

Line 13 performs the rounding, assigning the score to the bracket that it will belong to in the output.

The array SAT_Histogram stores the cumulative results, and is finally printed back to the worksheet at intervals (line 19) and at the end of the program (line 32).

The rest of the function uses concepts we've already covered and should be easy to follow.


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