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Commute Time 2 example - VBA code


Though the input worksheets between the two Commute Time VBA examples look remarkably similar, under the hood the two are vastly different.

Below is the entire code for the Commute Time 2 model.  Lines 1 - 8 and 12 - 31 are identical to the Commute Time 1 code.  In the current model, however, lines 10 and 11 replace the entire range of lines 7 - 46 of the previous example.

This model works by triggering a worksheet recalculation in line 10 (the same as pressing F9 in a worksheet), then reading the new simulated drive time from the worksheet (line 11), and updating the array (line 12) to keep track of the cumulative histogram data.

Since the output for this example looks identical to the previous example we have omitted it here.

Next we'll introduce VBA user forms for interacting with a model, and measure actual execution speed of two different approaches to the same calculation.


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