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Launch a VBA function or macro from within a worksheet (3 of 3):
Embed a custom command button in your worksheet


Perhaps the most useful technique for launching your VBA code from within Excel is to embed a "Start" button directly in your worksheet:

In Excel 2007 this is done with the Insert command on the Developer tab in the Ribbon:

In Excel 2003, make sure the Control Toolbox is open by selecting it from the View - Toolbars dropdown menu:

Then select the Command Button from the Control Toolbox:

In both Excel 2007 and Excel 2003, the next step is to drawn the button on your worksheet by dragging with your mouse.  In Excel 2007, the Assign Macro dialogue opens automatically after you have drawn the button.  In this case you can assign your Monte Carlo function name directly to the button without having to create a subroutine which calls the function.

In Excel 2003, double clicking the button while it is in Edit mode will open the VB Editor displaying a new subroutine associated with the button.  Type the name of your Monte Carlo function in the subroutine, then save the file.

The downloadable Examples worksheets contain embedded "start" buttons for each included VBA function.



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