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Setting Macro Security in Excel 2003 (and earlier)


To enable macros in Excel 2003 and earlier versions, select "Security" from the "Tools - Macro" drop-down menu as illustrated below.

This will open the Security dialogue box shown below.  By default, security will be set to High. 


Now you have two options:

  • You can set security to Medium.  This will require you to select "Enable Macros" in the dialogue box below, which will appear each time you attempt to open a file containing macros.

  • Alternatively, you can select "Low" in the Security dialogue box above.  This will not require you to enable macros each time you open a file containing them, but may expose you to malicious code contained in files you obtain from other sources.

Now we'll install the Analysis ToolPak, open the Visual Basic Editor, and get to work.


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