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Before advancing to the VBA tutorial, consider downloading the examples.

All the major examples in this ExcelMonteCarlo tutorial are available for download.

Because of the time and effort that went into developing this tutorial, we would appreciate a $5 or $10 donation in return for the download.  Clicking the "Download" button below will take you to a quick, easy, and secure Paypal checkout page where you can make the donation in less than 60 seconds.  You'll then be taken to a page with download instructions.

The download is a single .zip file containing the following documents:



ExcelMonteCarlo_simple_coin_toss.xls Worksheet-only model presented here
ExcelMonteCarlo2_multiple_coin_toss.xls Worksheet-only model presented here
ExcelMonteCarlo3_commute_time.xls Worksheet-only model presented here
ExcelMonteCarloExamples_WithMacros_20100510.xls Workbook with VBA code containing all major VBA examples, including:
ExcelMonteCarloExamples_NoMacros_20100510.xls Same as above, but with all macros removed in case you're concerned about security
ExcelMonteCarloExamples_vba_code_20100510.txt A text file containing all the VBA code which you can then review before importing into the NoMacros file version above.

Note: The NoMacros version does not contain the user input form used in the FastSlow model.  Thus the FastSlow model will not work in the NoMacros file version.

Thanks for your support. 

Thank you,
Fritz Dooley

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